Book Feature: Pony Ride to an Awakening by Hedin Daubenspeck

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Pony Ride to an Awakening: The Journey of a Mystic is a book about spiritual awakening by Hedin Daubenspeck.

Writers often attribute spiritual growth and spiritual journey to a single faith, depending on their biases and background. Pony Ride to an Awakening: The Journey of a tells the story of one man’s spiritual awakening and spiritual growth.

Pony Ride to an Awakening: One Man’sMan’s Journey

Pony Ride to an Awakening: The Journey of a Mystic is the complete title of Hedin Daubenspeck’s2020 book. This 140-page masterpiece contains Hedin’s personal tale of a spiritual journey and other stories of the Spirit. Daubenspeck takes readers to various encounters of an otherworldly kind that his people have experienced. Pony Ride to an Awakening is an attempt to describe a number of spiritual experiences we’ve had during our early childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, and even during our maturity years. Hedin also tries to explain spiritual encounters by some during their retirement years unto renunciation and even consciousness beyond death.

“We are closest to the Spirit at the beginning of our life, just entering incarnation from the Spirit, and at the end of our life, as we prepare to return to the Spirit. Sharing some of my psychic experiences and a few stories of my friends and family may serve as a guide for you in finding some similarities in these with your own experiences to reinforce the trust in these experiences as real and not imagined. We come from the Spirit and will return to the Spirit. There is nothing to fear from our teachers and ancestors in communicating with the Spirit to give us guidance, wisdom, and vision in this oftentimes difficult earthly life experience or to answer our questions.” (excerpt from the description)

Not Your Typical Spiritual Guidebook

What separates Hedin Daubenspeck from other authors who write about spiritual journey and growth is that there is no pretense that spiritual journeys are a straight line and without internal struggling and doubts on the path ahead. In his book, Daubenspeck speaks about the spiritual journey using a language that is easy for readers to comprehend and concepts that illuminate minds rather than project spiritual growth as something that needs to be examined deeply all the time. Hedin Daubenspeck does not treat spiritual growth as a singular experience. According to him, no single religion holds the answers to all of life’s questions.

According to Daubenspeck, we discover the truth unfolds and become more refined and our own development going forward with open eyes and minds.

About the Author

Author Hedin Daubenspeck grew up on a farm in southwestern Oklahoma, and his spirituality is influenced mainly by his parents. Daubenspeck holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration (B.B.A.) from the University of Oklahoma. He practiced public accounting and has worked with entrepreneurial businesses and individuals. 

Aside from his business degree, Mr. Daubenspeck also finished several graduate courses in consciousness studies at the University of Philosophical Research before the master’s degree program was discontinued. 

As a mystic, Hedin has studied the esoteric mysteries of the Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Hebrews, Hindus, Buddhists, Daoists, Christians, and Native Americans to gain their wisdom. He feels that now more than ever, there is a need to share knowledge with others. Hedin Daubenspeck serves as also co-founder and executive director of the Forest Essence Foundation (, an organization that contributes to world consciousness.

To know more about Hedin Daubenspeck and his book, Pony Ride to an Awakening: The Journey of a Mystic, you can purchase a copy on Amazon or visit his author’s website for more details.


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