2-3 Tears by Suzie Klimt

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Many people ask why I wrote a book. Most authors don’t know how to answer this because it is just in us to write! I am no different. I always wanted to write a book and would start various projects without finishing.  People in my life kept telling me that I should write a book about my life because of all I have been through and how I still always seem to be happy and smiling despite all the trauma and suffering I experienced.

I’m just an average person. There are many others who have experienced suffering far greater than my own, and those with much less. So, why would someone want to read a memoir about a middle-aged, average, unfamous woman?  The answer is; why not?

2-3 Tears is the story of a woman who appeared strong and happy to everyone on the outside, but inside was tormented. A woman who fell captive to the notion that one had to find a perfect partner in order to feel whole. She held on to the belief that once she found her soul mate, they would live happily ever after and she would be fulfilled. At least that is what all the romance novels and movies told her. She was so desperate to love and be loved but kept making bad choices with men.  She had a hard time saying no and found herself moving from one toxic relationship to the next. Some of those relationships were quite abusive. Despite suffering from multiple concussions, 22 surgeries, suicide, loss, accidents, abuse, chronic pain, mental health issues, cancer, an incurable progressive disease (Ankylosing Spondylitis), a brain injury, and spiritual warfare, she kept hoping beyond hope that her prince charming would come along to save her. Demonic forces followed her around right from a young age.    

There is something in this story that most people can relate to on some level or other. We all come to a point in life where we look back and reflect on why things happened the way they did. We try to make sense of things that have happened and search for answers.

The sole reason I decided to self-publish was to bring someone hope, inspiration, comfort, and understanding so that maybe someone could relate to my story and feel less alone. Or that if they could see how just an ordinary woman could face so much trauma in her lifetime and be standing here today, filled with so much joy, then maybe they could find the strength to persevere through their own challenges.

Author’s Lounge invited me to share a little about my book. The whole process took roughly two and a half years. At first, writing it was more of a cathartic process and I let it be for many months. When I returned to writing, I read it from the perspective of a reader and re-vamped the entire thing a few times.

People ask what the title “2-3 Tears” signifies. Before I really got into writing the book, the title came to me while listening to a song on the radio and talking to my daughters about life in general, and being able to express one’s emotions.  As soon as the title came to me, it was like someone switched a light on because from that point, I was glued to my computer typing madly!  What the title really means, is that it is OK to let yourself feel whatever emotion comes up in you. It’s OK to cry a few tears or scream into a pillow.  Our emotions are valid, but it is what we do with them afterward that makes all the difference. The key is not to allow ourselves to live in those emotions or let the trauma in our lives define us. It sounds like an easy enough concept but truly takes daily effort.

I hope that readers will be inspired. Please check out my website for more information on my book and for helpful articles on chronic pain.


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